The Home of the Heart

In the heart of the Venetian lagoon, in the splendid town of Chioggia, just a short distance from the sea at Sottomarina in Calle dei Bianconi and reborn in luxury style – this is Casa Boscolo.

Blue like the sea and in elegant style, this is a house which will remain forever in your heart

The bed which will cradle you each long night is blue like the sea. Its scenic structure is ennobled by the curve of the headboard and the foot which soften its shapes and put it centre stage.
Digital intelligence combined with equipment functions to communicate with the house even when you get back late. The door is always open to guests.
Outdoor living
An intimate, private area with the lagoon as backdrop. For a moment of pure relaxation in the peace and quiet of the calle, the perfect place for a tea break, a good book or a cocktail.
Idea, design and attention to even the smallest detail to make everything unique. It is details which truly embody design. Cantilevered steps supported by steel rods link the two floors.
Minimalist forms encompass well-organised functions, containers and spaces, indispensable to ensure everything is at arm’s reach when you cook.
The unsurpassed charm of ceiling beams embracing led light tracks for a well-lit but uncluttered space. The use of led strips highlights the parallel beam lines.
Attention to detail
Getting out of the box with mix and match, patchwork. The casual matching of hexagonal retro forms with simple stainless steel lines reflects a sensory shower.
High tech
A mix of design and avant-garde technology ensures an atmosphere modulated with a touch of home theatre for those TV evenings.