Casa Boscolo


The lagoon and the Veneto region

A historic town with a population of 50,000, Chioggia was designated UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. Its characteristic herringbone shaped historic centre is of especial interest with the vertical lines of Corso del Popolo linking Piazza Vigo with the horizontal calli.

Chioggia, historic town par excellence. Its town layout, imposing square, civil and religious buildings. A historic and artistic patrimony of great importance.

A fine cuisine to tickle your palate. The best Venetian tradition fish restaurants in the midst of its narrow streets. Dishes made with fresh lagoon fish accompanied by a selected Veneto and Italian wine list.

Sottomarina has one of the largest, best quality and most popular beaches on this coastline. Its maximum beach depth is 300 metres. A sequence of beach front facilities gives you the chance to spend a totally relaxing day at the sea.

Its wide and welcoming beach is the perfect backdrop to long sea front strolls as the waves break on the beach accompanied by sea aromas and breezes, soft sand, the breakwater and the sun on the horizon. It is a perfect blend of wellbeing and relaxation images, sounds and aromas.

The international blue flag status accorded to Sottomarina beach has made it one of the best Italian seafronts for years now. Chioggia and its seafront has a well-established status in the Italian beach panorama.

How to get to Chioggia from Casa Boscolo Luxury

Casa Boscolo is just a few minutes from Chioggia town centre:
on foot it is a 15 minute lagoon front walk along Fondamenta Lungolaguna in the Isola della Laguna - Ponte Translagunare direction to Corso del Popolo, Chioggia’s town centre;
by car it takes just 5 minutes - from Via Sottomarina continue along Via San Marco and then in the Isola della Laguna - Ponte Translagunare direction to Corso del Popolo, Chioggia town centre’s main street;

by bus in 12 minutes from house number 13 on ACTV bus number 21.