The history of Casa Boscolo Luxury

I put heart, patience, effort, creativity, passion and attention to detail into it. The design, the house, my second heart that I couldn’t wait to build. My starting point was yesteryear and I fitted in all the pieces. I found an old heart shaped pendant right here and that got me thinking. I looked out and saw the sea. I understood that my heart was there too and this was what inspired me.

My great grandparents lived on Calle dei Bianconi in Sottomarina during World War Two. Colourful houses all crowded together. This was what made it special and different from the lagoon areas of other towns. During the war one of the houses on this calle collapsed. There were stone fragments everywhere. It was one of the houses right in front of my great grandparents’ house. As there wasn’t much space at home they decided to rebuild it themselves with what was left: a few stones here and there. They spent their time making it into a tool shed. And it was precisely that small workshop which was passed down from generation to generation. Over the years that stone shed saw a great deal, the flow of history and a love story. There’d always been love in that place and this had to continue. When my turn came I decided to get on with it myself.
One October evening after months and months of ideas and projects, that old ruin in the heart of the town became Casa Boscolo Luxury. A house as blue as the sea. The Home of the Heart. I paid the same loving attention to detail as I would have for my own home. I wanted it elegant, beautiful but also innovative. I wanted it different from the others. Not just any old house. I wanted to make it a place in which my guests would find peace and quiet. A treat with all the comforts of home, a mini seaside refuge. The backdrop of the Venetian lagoon makes for an enchanted skyline with the colours of dawn and dusk reflected in the Adriatic sea, evoking peace and relaxation. Now that my dream has come true, all that is left is you. This dream of mine cannot not remain in obscurity. What has been passed down to me after years and years of history and love I also wanted to put into a book. Because Casa Boscolo Luxury is a house to remember.
Innovation and quality
Starting with tradition to achieve innovation. The idea that the house could function at a distance made everything magical. It was as if the house came to life. I wanted to personalise every client need from the moment of arrival. Investing in know-how and technologies was a carefully considered choice but the best decision I could have taken. When it is a matter of creating the right atmosphere and comfort, the sea around it makes its own contribution.
All zero miles
Our country, the Venetian lagoon, has an enormous amount to offer. This was why I used local firms to build the house, to use zero miles products. The passion and elegance which these firms and artisans put into building the house was on a par with my efforts to bring it to fruition. A common denominator which enriched every single detail of the house.

There is no better gift than satisfied guests happy to have spent their days of relaxation in Casa Boscolo Luxury.